Do you want to know how to resist to temptations?

Tests for the Tempted

Ever wonder what we really need to be closer to God and Jesus?  1 Corinthians 10: 12 -13 gives us a clue.  this verse speaks to our need.  Temptation comes, but we do not understand it and are often NOT prepared for it.  But there are points to help us understand it.  (1) God permits evil which HE is NOT the author.  we must understand where the evil comes from and BELIEVE IT – it is from Satan, no doubt no questions asked. Sin is part of this world and there is nothing we can do about that and must live through it and God will use that to strengthen us. (2) We should be AFRAID of temptation.  Do not think you are ever strong enough to resist or do anything on your own strength. (3) We should never think or believe we cannot resist temptation.  Example: I cannot help it, i am the only one that experiences that.  Wrong you are or would be.  But we can resist all temptations if we are focused on Jesus.

Please take time to Watch the Video.

Tests for the Tempted

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I am an ordain and endorsed Evangelist and Pastor.

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